Video Door Phone

Avake’s video door phones allows one to communicate safely with visitors without any need for physical interaction. By installing a door phone system you will increase not only your home security, but also the convenience of managing daily household chores. Cameras are mounted outside doors and indoor monitoring stations, connected by a wireless signal. By using these systems, when a visitor presses the door chime the monitor displays the image inside. The occupant then can choose to admit the visitor or deny entry.

Fire Alarm

It’s a familiar fear- What happens if a fire starts when you’re asleep? or if you’re busy in a different part of the house? Well, if you have a working fire alarm, you hear an alarm and catch the fire in time to put it out yourself. The detector detects smoke or heat or if someone operates a break glass unit (manual break point), then alarm sounders operate to warn others in the building that there may be a fire and to evacuate.

Smart Homes

A home equipped with lighting, heating and electronic devices that can be controlled remotely by smart phones or computer or tablets.

The communication’s network connects the key electrical appliances and services, and allows them to be remotely controlled, monitored or accessed.

Panic Room

Sometimes called safe rooms, Avake’s fortified bunkers are meant to shelter people during an attack, a burglary, or an extreme weather event or vagaries of nature. Some of them are in plain sight, some are built into a foundation and some are concealed behind bookshelves, staircases, or fireplaces. Most include communication equipments so you can call the police after you barricade yourself inside.

Perimeter Fencing

Most burglars pick what appears to be a simple target. If they see a greater risk than they anticipated, they move onto a safer target. Therefore the more effort you take to keep your home from seeming to be a simple target, the safer you will be

Out Door Lighting

It is a well-known fact that satisfactory lighting is a very valuable deterrent to crime. Although most any lighting might help reduce your risk of becoming a victim; the right lights, utilized properly will be an extremely effective deterrent to burglars and other intruders and improve your home security

Burglar Alarm System

Studies have shown a well-fitted and maintained burglar alarm system makes you less likely to become a victim of burglary. But how do you choose the right one for you and your home?

A key consideration is what you would prefer to happen when your alarm goes off. Bells-only alarms make a noise, but do not contact anyone (such as the police or the homeowner). Speech diallers, a device built inside an alarm, automatically contacts you or other nominated friends and family when the alarm is triggered. Burglar alarm systems are combined with closed-circuit television surveillance systems to automatically record the activities of intruders and may interface to access control systems for electrically locked doors. Avake’s systems range from small, self-contained noisemakers, to complicated, multi-area systems with computer monitoring and control.

Magnetic Sensor

Door sensors have one reed switch and one magnet, creating a closed circuit. If someone opens an armed door or window, the magnet is pulled away from the switch, which breaks the circuit and triggers an event. Depending on your setup and what mode your system is in, this could be a discreet text, a chime alert, or a full-blown alarm.

Gas Detector

A wireless smoke and gas detection system is used by Avake for monitoring a predetermined area for an emergency situation. The wireless smoke detection system includes few of detector units strategically positioned throughout the monitored area. Each of the detector units include a detector for sensing one of a characteristic and condition within a section of the monitored area and generating a signal indicative of the monitored. A signal processor is connected within each detector unit for analyzing the signal generated by the detector and upon determining if the signal is above a predetermined level generating an emergency signal. Each receiver unit includes an alarm for generating an alarm signal and thereby alert persons to the emergency situation at a position within the monitored area.

Parking Management

Avake’s goal is to deliver intelligent parking management systems that not only optimizes parking programs but also delivers convenient solutions for drivers. From smart parking integration to violation processing to meter operations, Avake can help you reduce costs and street congestion. Avake delivers advanced technology inspired security systems, from integrated CCTV systems to e-gates, explosive detecting systems, walkthrough metal detecting systems, traffic bollards and road block system.

Fire Fighting System

A fire fighting system is probably the most important of the building services, as its aim is to protect human life and property.

It consists of three basic parts:
• A large store of water in tanks, either underground or on top of the building, called fire storage tanks
• A specialised pumping system
• A large network of pipes ending in either hydrants or sprinklers (nearly all buildings require both of these systems)
Avake systems offers an extensive range of fire hydrant systems along with accessories.

A well-designed fire hydrant system should be constructed on the basis of essential design principles and hence our fire extinguishing systems are engineered with below considerations:

Room Infrastructure I Safety to Equipments I Environmentally Friendly Equipments and Systems I Precision and Reliable Systems I Sustainable Fire Protection Technology

Safety Bollards

A bollard is a short post designed to identify or segment a location, guide traffic or protect sensitive areas. It provides an effective visual barrier for vehicles and pedestrians and can offer significant impact protection where effective security is required.

Boom barriers offer efficient security at the exit and the entry points of factories, office complexes, corporate houses, residential buildings, parking lots, toll tax plazas or any road - way entry where medium to heavy traffic is expected.

Automatic barriers are used to effectively regulate pedestrian and vehicular traffic. It is used to be able to manage security better. They are made of a motor body and control unit, protected by a case with different finishes, for applications in critical environment conditions, like heavy traffic areas.

Baggage & Parcel Scanner

In a world where operational efficiency is everything, Avake’s baggage and parcel screening solutions offer reliability speed, and an unparalleled support networ.

From our large dual-view x-ray systems for pallets and cargo to our portable mail and small parcel screening devices and everything in-between; Avake has engineered innovative and cost-effective solutions for a multitude of high-profile security screening environments. Our support team can craft a perfectly tailored solution for your operation.

Applications: aviation, critical infrastructure, customs and border protection, defence, event security, law enforcement and ports.

People Scanning

Avake metal detectors have been evolving into the intelligent, cost-effective solutions of today. These devices offer outstanding reliability, ease of use, and superior detection technologies.

Our commitment to innovation in threat detection is also exemplified in our full body scanners. Capable of detecting a wide range of threats (metal, explosive, plastic or ceramic), this next generation product represents the best in people screening technologies.

People screening solutions are used in a variety of applications-including: airports, borders, courthouses, critical infrastructure, cruise ships, defense, law enforcement, prisons, public and federal buildings, special events, and seaports.

CCTV Surveillance Systems

Avake’s video surveillance products are based upon cutting edge technologies that are unique in the security industry. When you try our products you will experience the difference that these technologies provide.

Security Camera’s I Network Systems I Recording Solutions I Storage Solutions I Camera Lenses

The above Systems have very many applications like commercial buildings, city surveillance, educational campuses, government, retail sector, transportation and utilities.

Video Surveillance for School Buses

Video surveillance is a great safety tool for school buses and not just for keeping children safe. Avake’s tool gives real time updates of school bus, analyses bus driver’s performance, gets one in touch with the driver in case of any mishaps, helps you save energy and time by automatic routing and planning and scheduling bus stops.

Visitor Management System (VMS)

Avake’s visitor management system tracks the usage of a public building or site. By gathering increasing amounts of information, a visitor management system can record the usage of the facilities by specific visitors and provide documentation of visitor’s whereabouts. These systems are frequently used to complement building security systems and access control systems.

Access Control

Our products cover all kinds of host machines and relevant peripheral products, including: proximity card time & attendance devices, fingerprint time & attendance devices, facial recognition time & attendance devices, access control boards, proximity card slave readers, fingerprint slave readers, kinds of white cards and key fobs (key tags), key lock switch for urgent use, remote controls for automatic doors, kinds of exit push buttons, wireless push buttons, backup power supplies etc.

All of our devices are provided with matched software for PC end for easy operation and convenient management. Both hardware and software can be customized according to user’s exact requirement.

Security Lights

Outdoor lights, either ones that are switched on manually or those that are set off by movement, are a good way to ensure a burglar is more visible, which will help to put them off.

For indoor lighting, the key thing is to make sure that a burglar thinks people are in the house, even when they’re not. Timers, which can be used to turn lights on and off around the home, as well as TVs and radios. Just make sure these are in sync around your home, such as turning the light off five minutes after the TV goes off.

Public Announcement System

Avake systems combine the very latest technology in amplifiers, microphones and speakers to bring this ideal audio environment to modern public spaces. With these equipments so carefully designed, it looks as good as it sounds.

This unbeatable combination of auditory and visible quality has made Avake the choice of acoustic professionals for more than a decade. Innovations spanning the full spectrum of Avake electronic expertise now market them better than ever, whatever your application is

Metal Detection

Avake systems provide metal detectors for indoor and outdoor use, for high sensitivity as well as high discrimination demands. These metal detectors can be linked together with a remote security management system. In addition, we provide lightweight hand-held metal detectors which can be used in conjunction with walk-through metal detectors or separately. It can pick up ferrous and non ferrous metals.

Explosive Detection

The detection of explosives and explosive-related compounds has become a heightened priority in recent years for internal security and counter-terrorism applications. There has been a huge increase in research within this area through both the development of new, innovative detection approaches and the improvement of existing techniques. Developments for miniaturisation, portability, field-ruggedness and improvements in stand-off distances, selectivity and sensitivity have been necessary to develop and improve techniques. Applications: critical infrastructure, jails, airports, court houses, sports complexes, cargo, border security, malls, etc.

Bullet Proof Watch Towers

Despite the significant technological advances in recent years there is still a need for physical placement of guard towers and observation towers along the area that needs protection. Long border protection is a significant challenge to countries and organizations that control large areas. Avake markets and supplies a very large range of guard towers and observation towers (bullet proof). The towers are manufactured according to high standards to provide maximum protection.

City Surveillance

In recent years, urban public security has become very important. Safety of people’s life, property and momentous activities rely more on urban security. Numerous cities have started to put forth efforts in construction of centralized surveillance management system.

Avake city surveillance system: Provides image storage, real-time monitoring, earlywarning and emergency response.