Our Projects

We are proud of some of our work. We have successfully developed ULLIS technology for Indian Consulates in Afghanistan. This system involves installation and commissioning of IP and Analogue Cameras on a Wireless Platform, Perimeter Security, Face Recognition, Explosive Detection, etc. apart from other Technology at various high altitudes.

We have also installed very critical and complex CCTV Surveillance system in Naxalite Prone Areas of Jharkhand. The scope of work here included designing and delivering systems that work in zero visibility conditions at night and also are able to transmit the images even when there is no electricity for couple of days or even weeks, making the best usage of natural resources available in the area so as to enhance the overall security levels and make the life easier for the residents of the state.

We designed, Developed and commissioned a complete security solution for Govt. of Uttar Pradesh wherein the company was assigned the task of delivering the surveillance system on wireless Platform using the RFID Technology

We have successfully installed & commissioned Electric Perimeter Protection Systems including Baggage Scanning & Human Body Scanning Machines at various critical & important strategic, sensitive locations at Lucknow.

We have also worked with the Ministry of Defense and the Indian Army to secure our national borders.

We provide total solutions for CCTV surveillance systems including those requiring connectivity through WAN and RF linked VPN technology. These are capable of being integrated with other sub­ systems such as access control, fire management and security management systems.